High performance

Our system adopts advanced technology and optimized architecture design, capable of handling large-scale concurrent live streaming requests. Whether facing high traffic scenarios or large-scale user viewing, it can provide stable and smooth live streaming transmission.

Stable and reliable

Our system has undergone rigorous testing and verification, and has a high degree of stability and reliability. Whether running in a physical machine, virtual machine, or cloud host environment, it can maintain good operating status, effectively avoiding live streaming interruptions or anomalies caused by system failures.

Full coverage

Our system supports multiple terminal devices and network environments to achieve full coverage of live streaming services. Whether users use computers, mobile phones, tablets, or other devices to watch, and whether they are on wired, Wi Fi, or mobile networks, they can smoothly watch live content.

Product Overview

The live streaming media system is the fundamental support system for online video applications. This software can centrally handle tasks such as video storage, video transcoding, protocol conversion, and video broadcasting, allowing you to focus on business details without having to deal with technical details related to videos. This can achieve the goal of improving project implementation efficiency and reducing project implementation risks.
Our system has many main functions, including video transcoding, video live streaming, video on demand, video forwarding, broadcast protocol conversion, video encryption and anti theft chain, large concurrent playback, CDN acceleration, terminal playback adaptation, rapid integration of code and samples, and integrated API interfaces.
Our live streaming system is a highly productized and mature system, favored by many customers both domestically and internationally. We provide professional services to assist you in product implementation, product integration, and after-sales support, helping you shorten project cycles, save personnel investment, and reduce project expenses.

Product Advantages

Our live streaming system has the following product advantages and is trusted by over 2000 large customers: Extremely high performance: Single point concurrency exceeds 5000, which can meet the needs of most application scenarios.
Safe and reliable: The system supports video encryption and authentication, effectively preventing chain theft and illegal broadcasting.
Mature and stable: Our system has independent property rights and is a mature and reliable commercial system. We provide original factory services and ensure the sustainable development of the system.
International standards: We adopt internationally recognized standard protocols to enable smooth integration and adaptation of the system.
Quick integration: We provide comprehensive APIs and professional support services to help you quickly integrate and build your system.

Product Features

Our product has the following characteristics and can meet the deployment and application requirements of various needs and scenarios:
Independent Property Rights: Our products possess independently developed technology and intellectual property rights, and strictly protect customer data privacy and trade secrets.
Diverse deployment methods: Our products can be deployed in various environments such as physical machines, virtual machines, cloud hosts, public clouds, private clouds, etc., adapting to the deployment needs of different enterprises and organizations.
Safe and reliable: Our products support video encryption broadcasting and anti-theft chain technology, effectively ensuring video copyright and data security.
Full network and multi terminal: Our product can smoothly play high-definition, 4K, VR, panoramic and other high bitrate video content through excellent buffering and acceleration technology. Regardless of the network environment and terminal device used by users to watch videos, they can achieve a good playback experience.
Wide application range: Our product can support over 5000 concurrent broadcasts per point, fully tapping into the capabilities of devices and networks, and is widely applicable in fields such as online teaching, news and information, and short video applications.
Abundant API interfaces: We provide flexible API interfaces and simple integration codes, which can quickly integrate video playback into various applications such as websites, WeChat official account, applets and APPs.